Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The First Week of Summer (Weather-wise)

The first hot day has come around. I suppose it's summer, even if the official markers won't catch up for another three weeks. But in my book it's June, and that means summer.

In the spirit of the season, therefore, I had a scoop of Haagen-Dazs new Gelato Cappuccino on the back patio. The temperature was optimal; the scorching hot days had been shooed away by storms. We played a few rounds of rummy and the cat even came over to investigate. In all, it was quite a pleasant evening. This rounded out an already good day as I had only hours previously for lunch discovered a regional cafe it turns out that I love! Port City Java has a location Hagerstown, MD that is fun, energetic and smells fantastic. They even have steamers (a rare treat to stumble upon). I had the Sicilian panini, which included chicken, roasted red peppers and provolone cheese with a side of carrots. To die for.

Of course, one of the most important (and fun) aspects of summer is planning the weekend excursions. Anyone have suggestions? I was toying around with the idea of a hike along the C&O Canal from Brunswick to Harpers Ferry. Or perhaps I should take a trip to local museums. Or I could actually make more progress on the book I am reading (for the first time) and thoroughly enjoying, "The Hobbit."

But these are fun musings, so I'll hardly be rushing them. After all, it's still three days until the weekend.