Sunday, April 3, 2011

Byzantine Catholic Liturgy

This morning my friend and I, who are Roman Catholics, decided to attend the Sunday Liturgy of our brothers to the East, the Byzantine rite. My friend being a Catholic-phile and I an enthusiast for different cultures, we found a Byzantine Catholic Church an hour from where we live and were enthusiastic. We drove across the Capital Beltway (My first time driving on said beltway. I was very pleased I managed to not kill us in a fiery, albeit dramatic, accident) and at last arrived at our destination.

The Byzantine rite is culturally rich and highly devout. I admired their sense of decorum and reverence throughout the Liturgical service. On the whole it seemed similar enough to be comfortable, but different enough to be fascinating. Icons and adornments were in every direction. More incense was incorporated. Several priests were present to assist in the Liturgy. It was an interesting twist on the familiar. The Russian and Greek influences were apparent from the language used to the icons to the manner of administering Communion. On the whole, it was an intriguing means of fulfilling our Sunday obligation.

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