Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Super" movie

At last I saw the impatiently awaited movie "Super" starring Rainn Wilson (forever to me Dwight from "The Office"). For us to see it involved an extended car ride due to the multiple incorrect exits we took. At long last we reached the correct exit, only to miss it and get off at the one beyond, winding our way around on non-highway roads until we reached the Metro. Upon reaching it we rode it in to the heart of DC, disembarking five minutes before the movie was supposed to start. We then ran down the road in search of 11th St, passing 10th and then realizing our mistake upon arriving at 9th St, as opposed to 11th. We then frantically turned around and sped up the other way, at this point nearly reaching the show time and still not seeing the theater. At last we stop inside a hotel and ask for directions. The woman behind the counter provided clear and accurate directions that led us directly to the theater at long last. By this time it was five minutes past, but the cashier assured us the movie had not yet begun.

Arriving after the trailers but just in the nick of time for the movie itself, we got surprisingly good seats and settled in for a nice laugh. However, that's not quite what we got. All in all it was a good movie and it did have its comedic moments, but a great deal of it was depressing and dramatic. Having to reset my expectations halfway through the movie, it is difficult to gauge its quality as a drama or action film. But the cast and acting was of a good quality and some of the messages were uncommon but worthwhile. In the end, I'm glad I saw it, although it was somewhat unexpected.

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