Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Although still two months from the commencement of the school year, I've found myself realizing how soon it will be upon me. When put in terms of "two months", I have no worries. But when I look at my calendar and ponder the coming appointments and plans I've made for those two months, I realize my busy schedule will pull me through that time rather quickly before dumping me rather unceremoniously at the doorstep of my school. Now, I'm by no means dreading my return. On the contrary, I'm looking forward to it. It will be my final year and I feel settled in my plans. I'm looking forward to my single room in a house on campus with my cousin and eight others. It promises to be a pleasant and rewarding experience. But still, the warm days of few worries and socially acceptable idleness are an enticing inducement to cling dearly to every last day.

For one, winter and I do not get along. Forty degree days for about a month's duration is all I really enjoy. But beyond December, January through March just grow tedious and allow a debilitating cold to fester within one's very bones for a whole quarter of a year. This is by all accounts highly unpleasant. I like a little snow, Christmas, hot cocoa, and showing my super-warm fuzzy sweater. After I've managed all these things, I'm very much finished with winter, which seems to insist on holding on for a period far beyond its due. But alas, so is nature. But given these truths, I do especially appreciate these days of tank tops and ice cream, bike rides and strolls; long may they live!

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