Thursday, June 2, 2011


The beginning of summer is a joyous occasion. I was particularly thrilled at the close of the semester due to a particularly strenuous finals week. Having been homeschooled throughout high school and then attending St. John's College in Annapolis for three semesters, I had successfully managed to avoid such difficult exam periods as finals and midterms provided. However, my clever navigation came to an abrupt and unceremonious end with my transfer to my current college. Needless to say, having been thrust into exams in the midst of junior year, I was quite ready for a break. Blue skies and warm sunshine heralded the impatiently awaited time of no school and good weather. So summer, by consequence of the comparative work preceding it, naturally began well. 

There was hardy laughter, boisterous celebration, dancing in the streets, etc. Or at least there should have been, because I was very excited. So there was metaphorical hardy laughter, boisterous celebration, dancing in the streets, etc. At any rate, I had a break from my labors and weather worthy of the occasion. What was not to like? The unfortunate result, however, was I was so busy earning my summer and then promptly enjoying my summer, I shamefully neglected my new blog. The lapse has ended, and hopefully will not occur again in the near future. Ah, summer. 

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